Adani Ports recognised by World Bank

Here's how the Indian ports of #Adani will add to India’s geopolitical clout and how those that Adani is acquiring around the globe and his international business footprints work to #India's advantage

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Four of Adani’s ports have been featured in the World Bank’s Global Container Port Performance Index this week. The ports indexed by the WB are (bottom) Mundra, Hazira, Kattupalli and Ennore.

Adani Ports that have been recognised

Adani’s ports






Gulf of Kutch, Gujarat

Surat, Gujarat

Near Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Near Chennai, Tamil Nadu


24,000 hectares

1,000 hectares

330 hectares

1,000 hectares

Cargo handling capacity

264 MMTPA*




Container terminal capacity

7.5 million TEU** per annum

1 million TEU per annum

1.2 million TEU per annum

0.8 million TEU per annum

Number of berths





Cargo types

Containers, bulk, break-bulk, liquid, RoRo***

Containers, liquid, dry bulk, break-bulk, project cargo

Containers, bulk, break-bulk, liquid, RoRo

Coal, iron ore, automobile exports, containers, liquid

*MMTPA: Million metric tonnes per annum

**TEU: 20-foot equivalent units

***RoRo: roll-on/roll-off

Mundra Port is a key player in global trade, operating from the Gulf of Kutch. Hazira Port enjoys a strategic location and is vital for central and northern India. Kattupalli Port is known for its efficiency and has state-of-the-art facilities. While Ennore Port is catching up with its trade in coal, iron ore, automobile exports, containers and liquids.

While Adani Ports boosts India's global trade presence, let's have a quick look at the other phenomenal ports in the world, which will give an idea of where Adani stands in both competition and scale. 

Some of the other significant ports are Singapore Port, one of the busiest and most efficient; Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, which is the largest man-made harbour and the busiest port in West Asia; Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, which is Europe's largest port, boasts of advanced logistics and is extensively networked; Port of Antwerp, Belgium, is known for its high productivity, strategic location and its critical role in the economy of Europe; Port of Long Beach, the US, is the major trans-Pacific gateway for North America.

But then, Adani is increasing his presence around the world. It now owns the Haifa Port in the UAE, which is renowned for its excellence in container port performance, its critical role in global supply chains and the boost it gives to the Indian economy from West Asia and Europe.

Adani also makes drones for Israel, which deepens India-Israel relations while sending a strong signal to enemies of both countries. Adani’s climate initiative in England sends the world the message that his companies are socially responsible.

Adani in Australia is making a mark for its work in renewable energy, critical minerals and rooftop solar panels.

These strategically significant global investments strengthen India's geopolitical heft, spread India’s global trade and increase India's connectivity with the world.

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