June 1 rule changes: Aadhar, LPG, driving licence & more

The government has made changes to several rules that affect the lives of the common man's daily life. Some of the rules that come into effect are new and some modified from earlier ones.

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Effective June 1 2004, the Government of India is all set to introduce important changes in several regulations aimed at bettering everyday lives of citizens. These changes pertain to items of daily use such as Aadhar Card, LPG cylinders and the driving licence, and also ensure firm action against issues including vehicular pollution and minors caught driving.

Here is a look at the salient changes coming up:


June 14 is your deadline if you are planning to update your Aadhar Card. There is provision to update Aadhar Card online using an uncomplicated procedure. Those who want to avail the update service offline would have to pay a fee of Rs 50 per update.


Minors arrested for driving would have to pay a fine of Rs 25,000 and be barred from obtaining a license until the age of 25. The registration card of the concerned vehicle owner would be revoked, too. The fine for speeding has not changed, and would range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000.


Among regulations coming to effect from June 1 this year are also ones that aim at curbing vehicular pollution. Around 9 lakh old government vehicles would be phased out. Laws are also being put in place to ensure stricter emissions standards for cars.


The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued new guidelines on the procedure to get a driving licence. These changes come into effect from June 1 this year. For a licence, people in India can now take driving tests at private driving training centres, and not necessarily at the government’s Regional Transport Offices, or RTOs. Recognised private driving centres would have the authority to issue certificates and judge eligibility for licences from now on.


On June 1 this year, oil companies are expected to confirm the new prices for LPG gas cylinders, the cost of which is subject to being adjusted on the first of every month. The price of commercial cylinders saw a fall in May and could dip further in June. Prices of diesel and petrol are also expected to change on the first day of June, as it happens every day.

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