Modi's Path To An Inclusive Ram Rajya

For many, this isn't just a question but a matter of faith: Is it based on evidence or a product of imagination by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's followers who see him as the chosen one to reshape India's destiny through effective governance?

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Today, on 22nd January 2024, as 1.4 billion Indians witness a historic moment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing the Ram Mandir Praan Pratishtha in Ayodhya, a question echoes from various quarters.

Is the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya the initial stride towards Ram Rajya?

For many this question isn't just a query but a matter of faith. Is it grounded in factual evidence, or is it a product of the imagination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's followers who perceive him as the chosen one to reshape India's destiny through effective governance?

Throughout history, when darkness loomed over the nation, saviors like Bukka Raya, Kapilendra Deva, Jaswant Singh, or Shivaji emerged. These figures, blessed with divine guidance, restored order and justice. In this era, it seems Lord Shri Ram has chosen Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his disciple, leading since 2014 to establish a modern-day Ram Rajya.Similar to leaders guided by divine forces in the past, PM Modi appears entrusted with the sacred task of steering the nation towards prosperity and righteousness. The Prime Minister and his government strive to achieve a vision of a prosperous society akin to Ram Rajya, focusing on comprehensive poverty reduction beyond income.

Modi With Awas Yojana

Progress in Poverty Reduction, SDG Alignment, and Government's Inclusive Steps for Shabari's Community

The recently released Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) by NITI Aayog shows significant poverty reduction in health, education, and living standards over the past nine years. Around 24.82 crore people moved out of multidimensional poverty between 2014-2023, reflecting positive transformation. This aligns with India's commitment to SDGs, particularly SDG target 1, aiming to halve poverty in all aspects by 2030. 

When discussing Shri Ram, acknowledging great devotees like Maa Shabari and Nishadraj Kevat is imperative, representing tribal and modern-day OBC communities. Empowering backward classes and Scheduled Tribes is crucial in envisioning a Ramrajya, a focus of the current government.

Government’s Reach-out to Mata Shabri’s Community

Cultural Conservation and Empowerment: Government Initiatives for Tribal and OBC Communities Flourish

Addressing tribal concerns, the government preserves their culture through initiatives like Aadi Mahotsav, instilling cultural pride and creating economic opportunities. Efforts to safeguard tribal languages, art forms, and traditional knowledge are evident in initiatives like the Pradhan Mantri Janjatiya Gaurav Yojana.

PVTG Empowerment

PM Awaas Yojna

Supporting PVTGs, the government launched the Pradhan Mantri PVTG Development Mission, allocating Rs 24,000 crore for holistic development across 18 states and Union Territories. This initiative aims at providing essential amenities, education, healthcare, connectivity, and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Government’s Efforts towards OBC Communities

Igniting Traditional Skills: PM Modi's Vision for Artisan Empowerment through Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman

Empowering backward communities, programs like the Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman assist artisans and small businesses, ensuring loans, skilling, technical support, and brand promotion. This initiative aims to develop traditional artisans, boost employability, and revive businesses reliant on traditional skills.

The government's endeavors resonate with inclusivity and empowerment. While the path to a perfect Ram Rajya may be long, progress under PM Modi's leadership serves as a beacon of hope. Despite synchronized attacks on Sanatan Dharm by India's Opposition, optimism persists with PM Modi's commitment. India can move towards an ideal future where every citizen thrives in a society of equality, prosperity, and righteousness—a vision rooted in Sanatan faith and pride.

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