At 350, Delhi highest-ranked Indian city in Oxford Economics index

Other Indian cities that made it into the top 500 of the list are Bengaluru at 411, Mumbai (427), and Chennai (472), in the index by the economic research firm Oxford Economics.

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The index rates 1,000 cities across the globe

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Ranked 350, Delhi is India’s highest-positioned city in the Oxford Economics’ Global Cities Index 2024, which rates the 1,000 largest cities of the world based on yardsticks that range from Quality of Life and Governance to Economics, Human Capital and Environment. These yardsticks are aggregated to create a final score for each city.

Other Indian cities that made it into the top 500 of the list are Bengaluru at 411, Mumbai (427), and Chennai (472), according to the index prepared by the economic research firm, Oxford Economics.

New York is the world’s top-ranked city on the index while London has the second spot and San Jose is placed third. Tokyo, Paris, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Melbourne and Zurich complete the top 10 in that order. The list of 1,000 cities has been drawn from 163 countries.

At 578, Islamabad and Rawalpindi were the highest-ranked cities from Pakistan.

“We have developed our Global Cities Index to provide a holistic assessment of the 1,000 largest cities in the world. Leveraging our economic data, and supplemented by other publicly available datasets, the index allows us to directly compare cities around the world on a range of metrics,” said the research firm, according to media reports.

Beyond the top 500, another 32 Indian cities have made it to the list in the 2024 edition of the Oxford Economics’ Global Cities Index. These include Kochi (at number 521), Kolkata (528), Pune (534), Thrissur (550), Hyderabad (564) and Kozhikode (580) and Chandigarh (584).

Tiruchirappalli (634), Pondicherry (646), Kottayam (649), Ahmedabad (654), Mysore (667), Coimbatore (669), Jalandhar (672), Thiruvananthapuram (686), Madurai (691), Bhubaneswar (704), Amritsar (717), Vellore (729), Ludhiana (730), Nagpur (744), Dehradun (745), Vasai-Virar (748), Kannur (759), Srinagar (761), Hubli-Dharwad (766), Salem (767), Guwahati (770), Jaipur (772), Belgaum (777), Mangalore (779) and Bhopal (792) made it to the index list, too.

Oxford Economics is rated among the world’s leading independent economic advisory agencies. The organisation has offices in more than 200 countries and across 8,000 cities and regions.

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