Gautam Gambhir about cricket, motivates KKR to victory

The decision of former cricketer Gautam Gambhir to quit politics to focus on cricket led to his extraction of more autonomy from the BCCI, which made him shape KKR in a way that ensured the franchise's IPL victory

Indranil Basu
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The KKR's IPL 2024 win has greatly benefited the team, including players, team owners, and management. But what's the main reason for this success? Mentor Gautam Gambhir, says sports commentator Indranil Basu.

His decision to quit politics to focus on cricket gave him a strong position to extract more autonomy from the BCCI. 

Gambhir about victory

Gambhir's temperament and his motto of winning the game rubbed off on his team. His energy was infectious. It motivated Team KKR so well that Shah Rukh Khan and his team would not let him go. 

For KKR, it's Gambhir forever. Gambhir is the new 'gunda' of Indian cricket.

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