How will Delhi vote in 2024?

If it's like 2014, it's worrisome for the BJP; if it's like 2019, the INDI Alliance will prove useless

Surajit Dasgupta
New Update
how delhi will vote in 2024
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The BJP won all the Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in 2014. In 2019, it won all the Lok Sabha seats in Delhi again, but the story on the second occasion differed.

In 2014, the BJP’s vote share was 46.40%. In 2019, it was 56.86%. This means that in 2024, if Delhi's voters behave as they did in 2014, the INDI Alliance will win because the votes of the AAP and INC combined exceeded that of the BJP 10 years ago.

Both 2014 and 2019 had defied the voter preference that 2015 and 2020 showed respectively. Should we then conclude that

1.   The Delhi voter is so mature that he knows who will rule better at the Centre and the state? And

2.   The INDI Alliance is of no use in a Lok Sabha election?

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