The Battle Against Pornography: A mission And Call for Action

The proliferation of explicit content, facilitated by platforms like Facebook and TikTok, poses a multifaceted threat to Indian culture and society.

Pratik Sharma
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In a recent special conversation with Bhupendra Chaubey, former Central Information Commissioner Uday Mahurkar shared his impassioned mission to combat pornography in India. His fervor, fueled by two decades of contemplation sparked by the film "Jism," underscores a critical societal concern that demands urgent attention.

The proliferation of explicit content, facilitated by platforms like Facebook and TikTok, poses a multifaceted threat to Indian culture and society. The rise in rape cases, attributed to the consumption of such material, underscores the gravity of the issue. It's not just entertainment; it's a catalyst for heinous crimes, eroding the fabric of our society.

Critics may argue that pornography is a cultural reality, but accepting it as such is acquiescing to cultural erosion. The former information commissioner Mahurkar, who also runs the “Save Culture, Save Bharat foundation” (SCSB), calls for a comprehensive response encompassing political, legal, and public awareness initiatives.

Following a complaint by the SCSB, SEBI, and Ministries of IT & Corporate Affairs started a probe against the upcoming IPO of the UllU App, which is producing sexually provocative films.

It's not merely a matter of morality but a necessity for safeguarding societal values and preserving familial bonds, he says.

Amidst political rhetoric and electoral agendas, the silence on this issue is deafening. The absence of substantive discourse in manifestos highlights a glaring oversight in addressing a pressing societal concern. The exponential growth of online video consumption underscores the urgency for action. With India poised to become the second-largest market, the need for proactive measures is undeniable.

The proposed establishment of a Joint Content Control Authority, endowed with quasi-judicial powers, represents a step toward regulating and curbing pernicious content. By defining permissible limits and imposing stringent penalties on violators, it aims to stem the tide of cultural degradation.

However, the battle against pornography transcends legal frameworks; it necessitates a collective societal effort. Parents, educators, and policymakers must collaborate to foster awareness and instill values that inoculate against the allure of explicit content.

As the former information commissioner emphasizes, this isn't just a legal issue; it's a moral imperative. It's about reclaiming our cultural identity and safeguarding the innocence of future generations. Through concerted efforts and unwavering resolve, we can confront this societal scourge and pave the way for a more wholesome and virtuous society.

The journey ahead may be arduous, but it's a battle worth fighting.

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