Swati Maliwal: FIR claim versus video counter

The FIR lodged by Rajya Sabha MP and Delhi Women’s Commission head Swati Maliwal against the attack on her allegedly by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s PA Bibhav Kumar and a recent video of the time when the incident occurred tell two different stories

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Was Swati Maliwal assaulted or did she fake it?

Was Swati Maliwal assaulted or did she fake it?

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is in trouble. Amid the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, on 13 May, Arvind Kejriwal’s PA Bibhav Kumar allegedly assaulted Rajya Sabha MP, AAP leader and Delhi Women’s Commission head Swati Maliwal at the residence of the chief minister.

Today, on 17 May, the FIR that Maliwal lodged, registering her complaint with Delhi Police, recounts the horror she was allegedly put through.

The FIR reads: “Bibhav came and started abusing and kept slapping without provocation…”

It continues: “I made noise and said ‘Let me go’, but he kept beating me continuously and abusing me in Hindi. He threatened, ‘We will see, we will deal with it’. I informed him that I was menstruating and in considerable pain, begging him to leave me alone.”

The FIR then cites Maliwal as saying, “I felt absolutely shocked and was screaming for help over and over again. In order to protect myself, I pushed him away with my legs. At that time, he pounced on me, brutally dragged and deliberately pulled my shirt up.”

Maliwal further alleged, “Bibhav Kumar did not relent and attacked me by kicking me in my chest, stomach and pelvis area with his legs.”

“I was in a terrible state of shock at this attack. I was deeply traumatised and called the 112 number and reported the incident,” Maliwal stated in the FIR.

She claims in the complaint that the security personnel arrived post-assault and, instead of coming to Maliwal’s rescue, they allegedly followed Kumar’s orders to throw her out of the CM house. Despite her reported condition of menstruation, the FIR says, she was forced to leave and wait outside the crime scene until the police arrived.

Is Swati Maliwal faking it?

However, a video apparently shot by someone present in the CM house on Monday has surfaced today, the content of which suggests Maliwal was the aggressor while others in the house were trying to pacify her. The Squirrels cannot vouch for the authenticity of the video, but if it’s taken as evidence in a court of law, the argument of the defence will be compelling.

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